18 October 2022


A City Break is a subtle mix between a real change of scenery and a furtive moment of escape. At a fraction of the cost and not far from your home, get away from your daily routine for a weekend and return home refreshed and full of energy for the week!

Why a City Break?

A city break is a break from the daily grind and allows you to take a breather without totally disconnecting from your daily rhythm. Our agency Heaven Travel offers you to discover two weekend escapades, one full of magic and the other full of warmth and bewitching landscapes.


Weekend of immersion and candor

In the footsteps of Harry Potter, London

Rendezvous in London for a magical stay under the sign of Harry Potter. Follow your guide through the streets of London and discover all the anecdotes of the filming of the saga. Then visit the Warner Bros. Studios in the footsteps of Ron, Hermione and Harry. Tread the cobblestones of the Crossing Room, visit the potions classrooms and enter the Forbidden Forest exclusively… let the magic happen! A complete weekend that will appeal to apprentice wizards, young and old. Direction Hogwarts ?


An escape under the autumn sun

Steps in the desert, Marrakech

Here is something to satisfy your desire to escape for a long weekend. Discover Marrakech, its culture, its art of living and its surroundings in 5 days! An ideal formula to escape the dullness for a few days, for a change of scenery in the blink of an eye or simply to rest. To discover our offer of a long weekend in Marrakech go to our website


Leave for a weekend and come back refreshed thanks to Heaven Travel’s offers which brings you serenity and only wants to realize your travel dreams.

Not convinced by our offers? Contact us to design your customized city break.

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