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Enjoy a wonderful cruise that will lead you in the footsteps of great navigators from Puerto San Antonio to Buenos Aires. Visit mythical places such as the Chilean fjords which will charm you with their majestic beauty, the Magellan Strait and Ushuaia, the city at the end of the world. In this particularly exotic cruise in the heart of a still virgin nature, you will be accompanied by a French speaking team at your service.


  • A totally different cruise in 3 countries
  • Crossing the Chilean fjords
  • Discovery of Montevideo and Buenos Aires
  • Lectures on navigation


Days 1 &t 2
Santiago de Chile


Arrival at Santiago airport and transfer to your 4* hotel. Leave for a tour of the Chilean capital, starting with the San Cristobal
San Cristobal hill from where you will enjoy the exceptional view of the city and the Andes. Join the Constitution Square located in front of the Presidential Palace and then go to the Plaza de Armas to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago de Chile.


Day 3
Puerto San Antonio


Head to Puerto San Antonio to board your cruise ship which will cast off at 5:00 pm. At the end of the day, you will be invited to a boarding meeting.


Day 4
Fun at Sea


During this day at sea, enjoy the ship’s facilities and attend several lectures given by the speakers.


Day 5
Puerto Montt


Discover Puerto Montt, founded by German settlers in the mid-19th century. The city has a European architecture with old wooden houses with sloping roofs and richly decorated balconies, which make this city warm. In the main square, there is an amazing church built from redwood and topped with a copper bell tower. The region of Puerto Montt offers natural landscapes of great beauty dotted with lakes.


Day 6
Puerto Chacabuco


Visit Puerto Chacabuco, located in the heart of the southern Andes. This city was named in homage to the battle of Chacabuco
of Chacabuco, which opposed, on February 12, 1817, the Chilean and Argentine troops of the Army of the Andes to the Spanish royalists, during the War of Independence of Chile. Since the 1990s, Puerto Chacabuco has become the main port of the region.


Days 7 & 8
Chilean Fjords, Sarmiento Channel & Strait of Magellan


Travel through the Strait of Magellan, 611 km long, it is the most important natural passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic. It is named from Fernando de Magellan, who was the first European navigator to cross it in 1520.
Reflected in the pure waters, this strait slides in a labyrinth of fjords where gigantic glaciers stretch majestically thousand-year-old glaciers. A powerful and dominating nature that you will fully enjoy, installed on the outside decks of the boat.
During these two days of navigation, you can attend conferences.


Day 9
Punta Arenas


Discover Punta Arenas, the capital of the province of Magellan, located on the Brunswick Peninsula. Originally occupied by an Amerindian population, the city was first a penal colony populated by renegades and criminals. It remained so until 1867, when President José Joaquín Perez established a policy to attract immigrants and made Punta Arenas a free port. A great tradition of sheep breeding was also developed there. The city is home to rich mansions that beautifully The city is home to rich mansions that beautifully surround the Muñoz Gamero square, sumptuous palaces, such as the Sara Braun Palace and the Mendez residence, which bear witness to the city’s grandiose past.

Day 10


Let’s go to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, located between the Magellan Strait and Cape Horn. Stretching along a majestic bay, bathed by the icy waters of the Beagle Channel, the city is surrounded by the Andes Mountains and Mount Martial to the west and Mount Olivia and Mount Cinco Hermanos to the east. Its colorful wooden houses, blue, yellow, green or red, give it a surprising charm.


Day 11
Passage of Cape Horn


Heading for Cape Horn, a mythical passage that was for a long time a trade route between Asia and Europe, a real challenge for the great navigators, a place of convergence where the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet. It is considered the southernmost point of South America and is located on the south coast of Herschel Island. It overlooks the sea at a height of 425 m and symbolizes the northern face of the Drake Passage. At the top of the cape is a year-round station and lighthouse. During the navigation, you will attend a conference.


Day 12
Port Stanley


Discover Port Stanley, the capital of the Falklands since 1845, which is located on the windy tip of the Falkland Islands coast. The Falkland Islands have long served as a station for ships, especially whalers, that passed around Cape Horn. The harsh environment of the islands is immediately apparent. Although the islands are best remembered for the conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982, today travelers are increasingly coming to see the many species of birds and marine animals.


Days 13 & 14
Fun at sea


During these days at sea, take advantage of the facilities and leisure activities on board, attend the speakers’ conferences, and
exchange with your companions.


Day 15


The capital of Uruguay, a former Spanish colony on the banks of the River Plata, offers its inhabitants an exceptional quality of life. The old city, “Ciudad Vieja”, is home to neoclassical and Art Deco architecture, as well as the cathedral, the Salvo Palace and the Solis Theater. Traditional handicraft markets, beautiful beaches, lively streets, gardens and squares make this city with its lively colonial past a particularly pleasant stopover.


Day 16
Buenos Aires


Visit the capital of Argentina, which mixes elegance, tradition and modernity. Each neighborhood reveals a part of its personality: Almagro, popular, very lively with its tango clubs; La Boca, bohemian with its houses with colored wooden facades where many artists live; Mataderos, traditional neighborhood of agricultural origin; Montserrat, historical neighborhood where the government house is located… Each one of them will seduce you in its own way.


Days 17 & 18
Back to France


After your breakfast on board, disembark your ship to reach the airport. You will take off on a scheduled flight to your home town where you will arrive the next day.



On request
2 adults
Winter 2022/2023
18 days / 15 nights