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Health protocol, a safe journey

You want to travel. Be serene, our partner airlines follow a strict health protocol every step of the way. Indeed, your well-being is at the heart of our priorities. This article takes stock of the health protocol practiced during your trip.


What to do before you leave?

In case of departure abroad, we recommend that you check the entry and stay conditions depending on your destination. A recent negative PCR test as well as travel documents are often requested. In any case, it is imperative that you find out what type of test to take and how long it will last. The TravelDoc website, like Heaven Travel, will answer all your questions about the restrictions and documents requested.

Remember to provide surgical masks! They must be worn throughout the trip. Your bottle of hydroalcoholic gel of less than 100 ml will drastically limit the risk of contamination. Similarly, the contribution of your personal pen will bode well when filling out the forms, distributed on board the aircraft.

The health protocol at the airport

The distance measures are of course in effect within the airport itself. In order to respect this distance meter, announcements, posters and ground markings will remind you of the health protocol to follow. In addition, Plexiglas screens protect all check-in desks. They are also regularly disinfected as well as the terminals and spaces dedicated to… Of course, you will find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers that will be available to you. Finally, before boarding, some flights require a body temperature check.

How the health protocol works once on board

The aircraft of our partner airlines such as Air France are equipped with an air-recycling system. This is made up of a HEPA filter, otherwise known as the High Efficiency Particulate Air. Operating theatres use the same type of filter that captures 99.9% of the particles. In other words, the air of the aircraft renews itself every 3 minutes, which respects a strict health protocol.

On the other hand, the air crews are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting carpets, seats and headrests on the aircraft as often as possible. In addition, they clean every surface you touch beforehand, such as armrests, entertainment screen and remote control, tablet, toilets, luggage racks and windows.

On arrival, we also think about your health

In order to facilitate a disembarkation to maintain distance, announcements will be made before the aircraft leaves. In the baggage arrival room, announcements, signs and markings on the ground remind us of the distance. Finally, hydroalcoholic gel is still available.

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