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How do you satisfy your desire to travel in a period of confinement?

When the urge to escape itches, there is nothing worse than having to stay at home, confined alone for health reasons. So here are a few tips to help you better live the current travel restrictions that have forced you to give up your immediate plans for getaways. According to Daniel Kahneman, psychologist and Nobel laureate in economics, we travel with our mind, not with our bodies.

In reality, the "me who remembers," or remembering self in psychology, has a far greater impact on the person you are than the "me who lives the moment," or experiencing self, that part of the brain that lives fleeting moments without ever reliving them a second time. Indeed, to review these past moments, we must call on our "me who remembers," explains Daniel Kahneman.
When we understand this duality that characterizes our identity, a world of possibilities opens up for us to allow us to travel with our mind as well as with our body. So when you have to worry about money, time, energy or travel restrictions, why not try one of these alternatives?

Update your bucket list

Not planning is planning to fail.If we are very keen to see and do certain things in our lives, it is imperative to list them. But our interests change with age and as our experiences progress, this famous list of our desires will inevitably evolve as well. So whether you've already checked some boxes or not, don't hesitate to review your bucket list, or create one if you've never done one before.

Plan your next trip

According to scientists, preparing an adventure can be as vibrant as living it physically. But to be anxious for something to happen, this thing has to be planned upstream. And even though it's complicated to choose specific travel dates right now, you can always start by creating an ideal itinerary based on the sites you'd like to see and the activities you'd like to do. Use satellite views and online travel guides to do this, and explore the places on your top list in every nook and cranria, and get every detail of them. Then revel in this waiting period until at last you can fly to the destination of your dreams…

Travel by proxy

Since we travel mainly with our mind, then let's not forget that it is sometimes possible to make him travel thousands of kilometers without moving from home, thanks in particular to adventure novels, travel guides, international films, foreign television channels or even world music. And why not also ask a friend or a close friend to share with you his most beautiful experiences and travel stories? Otherwise, you can always travel with your stomach while cooking an exotic dish at home! In other words, psychic road trips can be as rewarding as physical road trips.
Learn something new

There is no doubt about this: visiting a foreign country questions our worldview faster and more unexpectedly than any other activity. But there are other ways to do it from home, for example by learning a new foreign language for this next trip that you can't do at the moment. Or why not sign up for an online course to learn a new skill? Take the arts, for example: just like "changing perspectives" and "traveling by proxy," being creative forces us to see the world from a different perspective. Isn't that exactly what travel is supposed to bring us?


Whatever you do, try to take a real break with online info, social networks and all-out connectivity. Often, a simple outing to the essential races or just feeling the sun's rays on your face can both fill you with hope, cheer you up and bring you a good breath of fresh air in the first sense of the word. But it will be difficult to take full advantage of it if you are too busy looking at what is happening elsewhere on the Net. When we fall into the trap of FOMO ("fear of missing out") or the fear of missing out, in reality, we pass by ourselves.
Of course, there is no substitute for travelling in the flesh in foreign lands; but until the situation allows us to do so again, let us be carried by our spirit, this powerful ally capable of giving us the illusion that we are far away, at least for a few hours…

Texte par Blake Snow (traduit de l'anglais par Maud Combier-Perben) Texte par Blake Snow (traduit de l'anglais par Maud Combier-Perben)
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