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Explore the wonders of North India during an immersion tour where you will discover many fabulous sites including the extraordinary Taj Mahal, ranked among the 7 wonders of the modern world. Through an authentic approach and fun and original experiences, you will taste culinary specialties, follow a cooking class and an initiation to yoga, ride a camel, a rickshaw, a horse-drawn carriage and much more! An unforgettable trip.


  • Complete discovery of the rich Rajasthan
  • A balanced pace for a complete immersion
  • An authentic approach and original and fun experiences
  • Carefully selected accommodations including a night in a Palace in Khejarla
  • A typical stage to take time to share the daily life of the inhabitants which will end with a sparkling evening in traditional costume


Days 1 & 2


Fly to Delhi and spend the night on the plane. Once you arrive at Delhi airport, have breakfast before departing for Shekhawati where you will stay in a 3* hotel. It is in this region that you will discover the havelis, houses of the rich merchants who lived of the camel trade. Explore the village and ride in camel-drawn carts to the Baoli. Continue on before stopping for a T’Chai tea tasting with local cakes. Back at the hotel you will have a cooking class in the garden before a dinner of “Gatté ki sabzi”, a local specialty.


Day 3


Leave for Bikaner and your 4* hotel. Explore the city which, surrounded by the desert, remains animated by its heroic past with its labyrinth of medieval lanes and bazaar. Visit the sumptuous castle of the Maharajas which is located inside an impressive citadel and the Junagarh Fort, which houses a fine collection of weapons. Take a ride on a rickshaw or a horse-drawn carriage through the old city before dining on local specialties in the evening.


Day 4


Take the direction of Jaisalmer. On the way, stop in the villages to meet the local population. Visit the Viyas Chattri and the Cenotaph Hill to see the carved and decorated chhatris of the Maharawals of Jaisalmer. Once you reach your destination, check into your 4* hotel.


Day 5


Visit Jaisalmer, nicknamed the “golden city”, and especially its fortified citadel which impresses with its walls and massive towers.
massive towers. Enjoy a visit to the beautiful complex of Jain temples. Stroll around the city and discover the Gadi Sagar Lake, a water reservoir located south of the fortress. Afterwards, take a camel ride in the desert and watch the sun set with a cocktail in hand and the dunes as far as the eye can see. A magical moment!


Day 6


Take the road to Jodhpur. On arrival, discover the “blue city”, dominated by the Mehrangarh Fort, the harem, the reception hall, the cradle hall, the curious palace of mirrors and the royal palanquin hall. In the fort, you will see a demonstration of turban laying. Then visit Jaswant Thada, a beautiful white marble mausoleum before strolling through the bazaar and heading back to Khejarla. You will check into your 3* hotel where a vegetarian dinner of “Shai Paneer” specialties served with naan will await you once you arrive.


Day 7


Drive to Ranakpur and your 4* hotel. Visit the Jain temples and the Adinath temple. Nestled in a forested valley in the Aravelli Mountains, this is one of the most remarkable Jain sites in India. Enjoy a Jain (vegetarian) lunch after which you will head back to Udaipur to explore the old city. A dinner awaits you with Kadi Pokra specialties, made with chickpeas, yogurt and spices.


Day 8


This romantic city of Rajasthan, also called the “city of lakes”, is located in a fertile region. It is here that you leave for a small boat ride on one of these lakes before going to make the visit impossible to circumvent of the places, the City Palace, the most imposing and best preserved palace of Rajasthan. In the old city, discover wash houses, visit the Jagdish temple and on a hill, the Sahelion Ki Bari garden. Then enjoy a visit to a silk painting center, specializing in miniatures. Then stroll through the bazaar and taste the local sweet specialty called “Jalebi”.


Day 9


Take the road to Pushkar. Once you arrive, check into your 4* hotel and visit the city. The latter is sacred for the Hindus and is
Hindus and is associated with Brahma, who according to the legend, killed a demon with a lotus whose three petals while falling formed three lakes. Visit the temple of Brahma, one of the few temples dedicated to the creator god. Walk around the city and visit the sacred ghats of Pushkar where you will have the opportunity to meet Sadhus. At the end of the day, a vegetarian dinner awaits you.


Day 10


Head to Jaipur and visit the “Pink City”, one of the most colorful and picturesque cities in India. You will discover the Maharajah’s palace, known for its weapons and the “Jantar Mantar”, an amazing observatory, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Have lunch in a haveli with a puppet show. Ride a rickshaw through the bustling bazaar. Then take the road to Achrol and reach your 3* hotel.


Day 11


A short yoga session in the gardens awaits you in Achrol. Afterwards, take a 4WD tour of Amber Fort, the capital of the ancient Rajput Empire. Climb to the top of the ramparts and see the palace halls and a temple dedicated to the goddess Kali. You can watch a demonstration of sari fitting. Back in Achrol, have lunch with a typical meal prepared by by village women. After lunch, visit the village to meet the local people. A 15 minute foot massage session is waiting for you to relax A 15 minute foot massage session is waiting for you to relax before the evening in traditional costume, sari for women and local dress with turban for men. Enjoy a speciality dinner prepared by a chef with zucchini and garlic.


Day 12


Leave for Agra and check into your 3* hotel. Visit the Red Fort, whose high walls of pink sandstone dominate the Yamuna, contains palaces, and has real gems of white marble. In the evening, take a carriage ride to discover “Agra by night” to the restaurant where on arrival, an aperitif will be served during presentations of magic tricks.


Day 13


The Taj Mahal! Visit this building, a luminous white marble mausoleum built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is undoubtedly the most famous monument of India. Designed according to a perfectly symmetrical plan, it combines the perfection of harmony with an exceptional quality of execution. The marble structures with inlays of precious and semi-precious stones give the building its originality. It is considered an architectural jewel of Indo-Islamic art. Attention it is closed on Friday. Then take the road to Delhi.


Days 14 & 15


Before leaving for France, take time to visit Delhi and the neighborhoods of Qutb Minar, Connaught Place and Jan Path.
Stroll through the bazaars to do your last shopping. Have lunch before you leave and enjoy a final transfer to the airport before your flight to France.



On request
2 adults
Winter 2022/2023
15 days / 12 nights