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05 October 2023

“One Meeting, One Destination” – episode 1

Last week, we organized the first of our "Une Rencontre, Une Destination" theme evenings. These evenings are an opportunity for us to bring together our customers, partners and the entire agency team. A successful first edition.

Heaven Travel agency events: “Une Rencontre, Une Destination” (One Meeting, One Destination)

What’s behind this “Rencontre”?

The first element is the meeting between Heaven Travel’s teams and our customers for a moment of relaxation, discovery and exchange.

The second is linked to the values we uphold at Heaven Travel. We pay particular attention to choosing quality partners around the world. It’s important for us to enable our customers to discover this facet of our commitments by meeting some of these partners. This was the case here with our Finnish partner, a specialist in Lapland and its many activities, who made the trip to Nice especially for this evening.

A Destination: Lapland.

Imagine a place where the sky lights up with a thousand fires, where the dense forests are covered in a blanket of white, where silence is interrupted only by the quivering snow beneath your feet and the melodious song of frozen rivers. This is Finnish Lapland, an Arctic gem that promises an unforgettable adventure for every visitor.

Northern Lights: The Aurora Borealis

One of the main attractions of Lapland is undoubtedly the chance to observe the hypnotic phenomenon of the northern lights. These luminous dances in the night sky, oscillating between greens, purples and pinks, have fascinated and inspired indigenous peoples for millennia. The winter months, when night reigns supreme, offer the best chance to admire this celestial spectacle.

Something for everyone

Finnish Lapland isn’t just a visual spectacle, it’s also a playground for adventure lovers. Whether you’re an avid cross-country skier or snowmobiler, or simply want to relax in a typical cottage on the edge of a frozen lake, Lapland has it all. And let’s not forget the possibility of taking a sleigh ride pulled by reindeer or huskies, a truly emblematic experience of the region.

Sami culture: immersion in ancestral traditions

Lapland is also home to the Sami, the indigenous people of the Arctic. By visiting traditional villages, tourists can learn more about their way of life, music, crafts and beliefs. Taking part in a joik, a traditional Sami song, or sampling delicious local specialities, are all ways of getting closer to this rich and fascinating culture.

A haven of peace and rejuvenation

But perhaps what attracts us most to Lapland is its ability to disconnect us from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The serenity of snow-covered landscapes, the feeling of being at the end of the world, the warmth of a log fire in a cosy chalet… Everything here invites you to meditate, recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature.

Finnish Lapland is much more than a tourist destination; it’s an invitation to experience unique moments, to touch the very essence of the Arctic. Whether you’re looking for adventure, culture or tranquillity, Lapland opens its arms to you and promises to enchant.

These are the elements we wanted to convey during this evening of Une Rencontre, Une Destination. For the immersive aspect, we took our customers on a journey using a Virtual Reality headset, enabling them to discover or rediscover the beauty of this destination, and to practice some of the activities presented as if they were there.

It’s in this format that we’ll be sharing other moments with you in future editions, for new encounters and new destinations.

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