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Faire le tour du monde, c’est bien souvent le but ultime d’un voyageur. Découvrez l’offre exclusive du Costa Deliziosa que nous proposons en avant première et venez vivre l’expérience d’une aventure de 4 mois gravés à jamais dans votre mémoire pour votre tour du monde en croisière !  Partir plusieurs mois pour découvrir les plus belles merveilles du monde est sûrement l’une des meilleures expériences que vous vivrez dans votre vie. Découvrir des paysages incroyables, faire des rencontres inoubliables, sortir

At a press conference, Edouard Fritch, President of French Polynesia, officially announced the reopening of the borders to tourism. From May 1st, it will be possible again to go there if the French government reauthorizes the travel. Finally, something to delight travellers! Effective health measures in French Polynesia to reopen borders This declaration is the result of the significant improvement and stabilization of the health crisis in French Polynesia. Fewer than 20 new cases of COVID-19 are reported per week. These results

You want to travel. Be serene, our partner airlines follow a strict health protocol every step of the way. Indeed, your well-being is at the heart of our priorities. This article takes stock of the health protocol practiced during your trip.   What to do before you leave? In case of departure abroad, we recommend that you check the entry and stay conditions depending on your destination. A recent negative PCR test as well as travel documents are often requested. In any case,

New measures for travellers are expected to emerge in the coming months. How will the Brussels vaccine passport, which allows flying across Europe, consist? The vaccine passport, a certification proposed by Brussels In the run-up to the summer holidays, the European Commission unveils a draft certificate. It aims to facilitate travel within the Union. With a code QR attesting to the health status of its holder, it indicates that it is vaccinated, has undergone a negative PCR test or is immunized as

Due to the acceleration of variant strains of COVID-19, new restrictions have been put in place. From now on, travellers will be required to carry a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours. Similarly, the state requires a seventy (forty 7 days) to return to France. Our team takes stock of these changes. Rest assured, it is quite possible to travel! A seventy and a negative PCR test In the face of health degradation on French territory, Emmanuel Macron told the

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