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The activities in the Finnish Arctic Circle


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Discover Finland in winter.

More specifically in Lapland, as close as possible to the Arctic Circle, for an extraordinary journey.

In Lapland, one of the main attractions for which the destination is famous is winter sports, and more specifically motor sports. You can try your hand at ice driving with some of the great names in Finnish motor sport, and enjoy a unique experience.

Snowmobile raids are also one of the most popular activities. These machines allow you to cross vast expanses of snow with ease, leaving you free to admire the landscapes around you.

Lapland is also home to dog-sleigh rides, during which you take your place in a sled pulled by a pack of husky dogs to cross the countryside in complete safety. This experience is also available in a reindeer sleigh. All you’ll need is a sack to think you’re Father Christmas, but whether you’re with dogs or reindeer, you’ll enjoy a unique experience as you discover the splendours of Finnish nature.

Finally, the Northern Lights are undoubtedly the major attraction of Finnish Lapland in winter. The long, dark nights of this region offer ideal conditions for observing this spectacular light phenomenon. The shades of green, violet, blue and yellow that nature has chosen for this spectacle make it an almost supernatural wonder, but a fascinating one in any case.

To discover all or some of these activities, we suggest these ideas for holidays to enjoy with family or friends.

Family multi-activity


  • Breathtaking landscapes: expanses of snow, frozen lakes and the Northern Lights…
  • A wide range of exceptional activities
  • Incredible souvenirs to take home


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2 adults
Winter 2023/2024
7 days / 6 nights ou 5 days / 4 nights