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Seventy and PCR test on arrival in France

Due to the acceleration of variant strains of COVID-19, new restrictions have been put in place. From now on, travellers will be required to carry a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours. Similarly, the state requires a seventy (forty 7 days) to return to France. Our team takes stock of these changes. Rest assured, it is quite possible to travel!

A seventy and a negative PCR test

In the face of health degradation on French territory, Emmanuel Macron told the members of the European Council about these changes. Firstly, travellers from third countries to the European Union must have a negative PCR test since Monday 18 January. It must be valid within 72 hours of returning to France. Once there, a seventy, or 7 days of isolation, is now mandatory. These restrictions apply only to travellers over the age of 11.

As for the few countries that do not allow a PCR test to be carried out, solutions have also been put in place. Indeed, a screening system is available when you arrive in France. Of course, a seventy will be mandatory as for all other arrivals. It will take place in accommodation validated by the public authorities.

A possible holiday

However, your departure on holiday is not compromised. Indeed, these changes do not concern departures abroad but only arrivals. You can plan your holiday abroad safely with the COVID insurance we offer. If you run out of ideas in these troubled times, our team is able to set up a trip to take you abroad. Offers from destinations such as Costa Rica, Tanzania and Zanzibar are available on our website. Realizing your dreams, meeting your desires and satisfying your desires, these are the objectives of our travel agency.

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