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Heaven Travel

Confidential trip to Zambia and Nosy Ankao


Number of flights
5 on the whole trip
14 nights
September 2021

Program :

The price includes:
- National and international flights from Nice in economy class,
- Airport and security taxes,
- Lusaka-Mfuwe, Mfuwe-Royal Airstrip, Royal Airstrip-Lusaka and Lusaka-Diego Suarez flights by private jet and private helicopter transfers from Diego Suarez to Nosy Ankao Round trip,
- A VIP welcome service in Lusaka at each visit, Diego Suarez and Antananarivo,
- 5 nights in a 1-bedroom villa at Time + Tide Chinzombo (x2), 5 nights in a 2-bedroom Albida suite (x1) at Time + Tide Chongwe, 5 nights in a 2-bedroom villa (x1) at Time + Tide Miavana.
- In Zambia: full board, all meals, standard drinks, 2 activities per day, lingerie,
- In Madagascar: full board, all meals, shared activities on the island, selected premium wines, cocktails and spirits at the bar, lingerie,
- Activities in South Luangwa: day and night walking safaris, cruises, cultural visits, night experience under the stars
- Activities in Lower Zambezi: day and night walking safaris, cruises, fishing, canoeing, cultural visits, night experience under the stars,
- Madagascar activities: Forest walking, snorkeling, diving lessons, cultural visit, cruises, big game fishing, half day fishing, kayaking, stand-up paddle, bicycle, electric buggy
- Our PRESENCE individual multi-risk including a COVID-19 clause
- Application fee

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DAY 1 to 5 - Arrival in Zambia and stay at Time + Tide Chinzombo
Arrival at Lusaka airport. Direction South Luwanga by private jet from Lusaka to Mfuwe. Private transfer from Mfuwe Airport to Time + Tide Chinzombo. 5 nights in a 1 bedroom villa (x2). One of the nights will be chosen to give you a unique experience. You will sleep outside under the stars and enjoy a sky dotted with stars in a place where local civilizations rub shoulders with the big wild beasts on a daily basis.
DAY 5 to 10 - Lower Zambezi
Private transfer from Time + Tide Chinzombo to Mfuwe Airport. Direction Lower Zambezi by private jet from Mfuwe to Royal Air Strip. Private transfer from Royal Air Strip Airport to Time + Tide Chongwe. 5 nights in an albida suite (x2). JOUR 10 à 15 - Nosy Ankao
DAY 10 to 15 - Nosy Ankao
Private transfer from Time + Tide Chongwe to the Royal Airstrip runway and private jet flight to Lusaka, where another private jet will be waiting for you to Diego Suarez. Welcome on arrival, and transfer by helicopter to Nosy Ankao. Arrive directly at Time + Tide Miavana, where you will spend 5 nights in a 2 bedroom villa.
Return to France
Departure for France. Helicopter transfer from Nosy Ankao to Diego Suarez (30min) then private jet to Antananarivo (1h). Departure from Antananarivo for France and end of your stay.
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